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Kiturami Environment Tech is an affiliate of the Kiturami group That has developed the waste automatic vacuum transfer system EcoHome Targeting eco-friendly, improvement of housing culture, convenience and property value.

EcoHome is an eco-friendly system that automatically transfer the waste to the machine room through a sealed pipe when thrown in the chute. It constructs a value through technology by developing clean new town and recycling renewable energy.

Succeeded in developing an individual measuring method within each home for the first time over the world, Providing a convenient and high quality living space by upgrading the Level of the housing culture by forming a complex such as parks without exposure to waste Through legal system that coincides with the RFID meter-rate system of the government.

EcoHome is a system that leads the No.1 preferred specialized item of recent high-END apartment which will do its best in customer satisfied management through consistent R&D of the new system in order to provide the best future value.

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Kiturami Environment Tech
CEO Byun Jae-wook


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